Who is winning the Super Bowl?

Out of the eight teams left in the playoff who do you think will win the Super bowl? We have Seattle,GreenBay,Denver, Patriots, Baltimore, San Francisco,  Houston, and Atlanta? I was a regionally wanting the Colt and Redskins because I thought it would have been cool to see the top two draft picks get to the Super Bowl. But my pick to […]

A touched Life

I get the Daily Prompts blog post and one of them was to write about a teach that impacted your life either in a good way or bad. Well here is my blog post about that. The person is name is Mrs. Marsh. She is the science teacher at the high school I graduated from. […]

Photo of the week of 12/16-12/22

For the photo of the week is of family friends kid at her birthday party. We were ask to come and I brought my camera and this is one of my favorite pictures that I got from the party. I hope you enjoy. This one to me says it all. This is one of my […]

Photo of the week of 12/9-12/15

For this week it will be another light painting I did. This one is a picture of a stick figure man. This one I did the same thing as I did with the smily face except I used my body as a guide to get the size and shape of it. It was at a […]

Happy New Years

Well today is 1/1/2013 The new years is finally upon us. It good to see a new year and to be excited about what may come our way. Do you have any goal that you like to share with us that you want to accomplish in 2013? If so leave a comment and we will […]

The year in review

The year 2012 has been an interesting year for me. I did complete some of my goals. I found out somethings and learned some new things. I did lose some weight I went down from 299 to 285 with out really doing anything but watching what I eat. I did read quite a few book […]

My photos of the year

These are my two favorite photo I took for the year 2012. Do you have any favorite photos from 2012 that you took and are proud of if so leave a link to where you posted it so we can see it. As for me these are my favorite photo from 2012 I hope you […]